Highlights Of CONTUS VPlayed Video Streaming Platform

Outreach online video streaming content for upgrading your viewer experience

Customizable Video Streaming


VPlayed allows for extensive modifications across the board, including the website & mobile apps. Make your platform stand out with flexible customised design

Online Video Platform Ownership


Lifetime ownership feature gets you the right to your content of any sort which is recoupable and have your royalties effortlessly

On Cloud Video Streaming

On Premise /
On Cloud Hosting

New-found flexible means of on cloud/on premise platform integration options makes a difference for enterprises with improved scalability

Online Video Monetization

6+ Revenue

Derive with any type of business model with greater means of potential revenue. Utlilize methods of monetization & earn 100% profits.

Third party Service Integration

3rd Party
Service Integrations

Both starterups & experienced entrepreneurs can make use of online video platform with handy third-party integrations.

White label Video Streaming Platform


Get a ready-made whitelabel video streaming solution which is developed & rebranded to make up with the competitive market.

Make Your Video Content Into An Asset With Limitless CMS Solution

Improved video storage to flawless deliveries with robust content management system

Video CMS Solution
Upload Custom Thumbnails

By visually organizing your catalog, you can match your custom thumbnails by uploading your own content & design it according to your brand logo & increase interaction.

Content Partner Portal
Bulk Upload
Drag and Drop
Schedule Your Videos
Import & Export Content
Explore Video CMS

A Powerful Online Video Platform For Smooth Content Delivery

Deliverable functionalities for perfect viewing experience with white label video streaming platform

Low Latency

Low latency is desirable in a variety of situations. In general, reduced latency is almost always preferable than slower packet delivery.

Streaming Protocol

VPlayed uses both RTMP and HTTP-based protocols to deliver live video to users with ease of scaling, a live watching experience, and low-latency streaming.

Global CDN

With the use of bandwidth pricing to quality ratio, geolocation, and network quality via video streaming CDN to deliver material in pristine quality.

Multi-Screen Support

Stream HD movies, TV shows, live events, & series to mobile devices, smart TVs, gaming consoles, laptops, set-top boxes, & other devices.

Reach & Engage Your Audience With Real-time Live Streaming

Create live online experiences opening up new boundaries belonging anywhere

Live Linear

A live channel is a live linear broadcast that includes a timetable that shows when live and on-demand content should be played.

Auto-record to VOD
Interact With Your Live Stream Audience
Live DVR Control
Mobile Broadcasting
Explore Live Streaming
Live video streaming platform

Best-in-class Online Video Playback With Supreme Viewing Experience

Captivate your online video streaming audience with flawless playback experience

HLS & Dash Adaptive

HLS & Dash Adaptive

A secure streaming i.e. MPEG-DASH is used widely to transport or break online videos into segments accompanied with index file and offer adaptive bitrate streaming in the platform

Launch Easily & Grow Quickly With
An Online Video Platform

Schedule a demo with product experts & we’ll get you on the road to video streaming success

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Increase Your ROI With Video-integrated Marketing Automation

Unlock the power of your video business with robust built-in marketing tools

  • Replace Video, Not The Link

    Replace published and shared online video content across several platforms with video streaming without changing the link & avoid mishaps.

  • Metadata Management

  • Social Publishing

  • Build Pipeline & Generate Leads

  • AI Powered Recommendation Engine

Explore Video Marketing
Online Video Marketing

Increase Your Profits With A Bespoke Video Streaming Solution

Options for effective monetization where video content owners can have their best takeaway

Securely Stream Video Content With Multiple DRM’s Against Piracy

Safeguard your online video streaming content from unauthorized access

Online Video streaming Security
  • AES Encryption

    Build online video platform from VPlayed that provides AES encryption technology, allows content creators & distributors to encrypt movies, audio with 128-bit cryptographic keys.

  • Geographic (IP) Restrictions

  • Integrated Paywall

  • Protection Against Screen Recording

  • Multi DRM

  • Dynamic Watermarks

Explore DRM & Security

Measure Your Community’s Interaction By Online Video Analytics

Edgeout your strategic cornerstone with predictive marketing analytics solution

  • Real-Time Traffic Updates

    Technology crafted for traffic in video streaming gets improved route computations and precisely in order to analyze your audience

  • User Behaviour Analysis

  • Cross-Device Insights

  • Custom Reporting

  • Average Time On Site

  • Revenue Report

Explore Video Analytics
Video Analytics

Professional video streamers can build business with any niche

Sketch your business plan with a video streaming platform and upscale easily


Media broadcasters can now own up creative content with a whitelabel online video solution

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Enterprise Video Streaming

Entrepreneurs or business starters can get to have self-made video streaming platform to have an enriched streaming brand presence

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Movie Streaming Solution

Entertain the world by delivering exclusive content across Web, Mobile, SmartTV, as movie makers with best on demand video platform.

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Sports Streaming Solution

Sporty personalities can get a complete media streaming platform to earn in millions through their active sport events.

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Education Streaming Solution

Knowledge-seekers & educationists can take the liberty to connect with their learning circle via a cloud video streaming solution easily & earn limitless revenue.

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Religious Streaming SOlution

Religious spokesperson can address their attendees via a video distribution solution to spread the world of spirituality.

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Fitness Video Platform

Fitness enthusiasts can showcase their workouts virtually in any part of the world seamlessly under a distinguished video streaming platform.

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Movie Streaming Solution

Entertain the world by delivering exclusive content across Web, Mobile, SmartTV, as movie makers with best on demand video platform.

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